In The Beginning…. well, actually I’m just starting a blog.

29 Aug

Oi, you. Yeah, I’m talking to you. Most people know me as Michael or Mike. A select few still know me as Mikey. If you’re in that group, you already know it. If you’re not, don’t call me Mikey. An even smaller group of girls know me as dad or padre. I prefer the second term but am usually happy to answer to either. A few colleagues know me by my self imposed title, Irreverent Reverend because I happen to be a clergy person but try not to take myself too seriously. Curiously, there are many people who know me briefly or not at all and rarely remember my name. I may share in some of their most intimate moments in life but I’m not talking about sex. To be honest, it’s never important that I’m remembered by them anyway. These people are my ‘patients’ whom I tend to as a hospice chaplain and through whom, I’m given the privilege of regularly visiting the borderland between life and death. I usually remember them long after they’ve parted company with this world and they often shape my perspective. It’s past time I write about it. Besides, if I don’t, my dive buddy is going to pester me without mercy.

Whatever name you may know me by, this blog is for you. Sort of. I want to share some of my little world with you. I don’t think many people want to visit it, but also think that if you give it a whirl, you’ll see it’s not so scary. It’s for me too, of course. I want to remember what I experience better.

As the character of a hollow eyed combat veteran in many a movie may say, “I’ve seen things, man…..I’ve seen things.” I always like that character because I’ve seen things too. Sublime and beautiful at times. Heartbreaking and disturbing at others. Occasionally, the experience is haunting. Like combat, it’s possibly addictive to go to that veil so often because it’s gotten hard to imagine doing other work anymore.

Well, enough of that. I’m starting to sound a bit full of myself and ramble. Occupational hazard for clergy types. So, I’ll close this intro with an invite to open your eyes and witness life going on around you in all its loveliness and reflect with me on what it’s about. And if you’re curious, to read a bit of what I’m seeing and reflecting on too. Shalom.


2 Responses to “In The Beginning…. well, actually I’m just starting a blog.”

  1. Kim B September 2, 2011 at 1:43 am #

    Tammy’s been telling me Chaplain stories for a couple years now, glad to see you are taking it to the masses. I’m looking forward to keeping up with you on-line. ~KB


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